The Elite Real Estate Network Code of Conduct

The following provides the expectations of our members during ERN events, client visits or where our members interact or have the opportunity to interact with clients, prospective clients, potential members or other real estate and industry-related professionals. The primary expectation is that our members act respectfully, professionally and courteously in all situations.    

If or when that does not happen the professionalism and integrity of the entire membership can be impacted, and it is important for us to appreciate and respect that our actions go beyond ourselves.



During all client events, client visits, client meetings and social events, professional business casual attire appropriate for the occasion is expected. Some of our members wear a suit and tie or a minimum of a Polo Shirt with or without a Blazer. During client meetings, client visits and client social functions members should not wear shorts, ripped Jeans, Tee Shirts, flip flops, etc. If you would like clarification of acceptable attire please call and speak with a board member prior to an event.



During any ERN business or social event with clients, prospective members or associate members or whenever other related industry professionals are in attendance, there is no tolerance for any inappropriate behavior which includes; inappropriate language, excessive drinking, inappropriate actions/behavior or drugs of any kind. Also, ALL conversations should be in a friendly value-added manner. The best practice has been when members talk about a benefit they can provide in their given city and mention the power of ERN. By complementing other members in the group, it makes both you and the Organization look stronger. When speaking with others or answering questions remember the adage: “Less is More”.



Only Business cards and ERN Rosters / Flyers are acceptable during client visits. After the visit, if you feel that the person or persons we met with would want or would be receptive to some additional information, or you want to send a care package or additional follow up e-mails is acceptable.



In order to foster the ethos of sharing within ERN each member joins and covers an exclusive territory. ERN members have veto power over additional agents who express interest in covering the same territory. If current ERN members are interested in expanding into a territory where there is already an ERN member, they must notify the board who will then seek permission from the existing member. With permission, they may expand in that area with a second membership fee. If a current member wants to expand their business in that area without permission, they will be asked to leave ERN.


Monthly Calls and Mastermind Meetings

Attendance on monthly calls and at Mastermind meetings are part of the value of membership. To facilitate attendance the calls are always on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 12 Noon Pacific time. Members may have three excused monthly calls. Members unable to attend a monthly call are required to notify a board member prior to the call. Members may lose veto rights if they do not adhere to this policy.

Mastermind meetings are scheduled several months in advance. Occasionally members may have conflicts. Members are required to attend at least one of the scheduled Mastermind meetings per year to maintain their veto rights for the territory exclusivity