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The Elite Real Estate Network is an organization of professional, high-performing, ethical Real Estate Brokers and Agents. Our purpose and focus is for our members to share their experience and expertise. We provide each member with information and tools for them to deliver the highest level of service available and deliver results that will always meet or exceed the expectations of their clients. Members host 12 monthly calls and three annual mastermind and client interface meetings as an forum for fulfilling our purpose. Face-to-face meetings have agendas based on board and member suggested topics and provide relationship and business growth opportunities presented by client and industry related speakers.


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Whatever your end goal may be, Elite Real Estate Network is here to help you make that happen. Contact one of our members today and let us take your assets on a smooth path from assignment to closing.

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If you embrace professionalism, value integrity, are seeking business growth opportunities and have a reputation for putting your clients first – you’ve come to the right place! If you’re ready to take the lead and represent ERN in your market, we are currently looking for broker and agent members who embody ERN’s core values.

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Thank you for your in Elite Real Estate Network, where we are dedicated to helping institutional clients and real estate agents and brokers provide exceptional service. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at info@eliterenetwork.com


If you would like to learn more about ERN and a possible exclusive membership opportunity for you city/market, apply today or contact Milt Shaw at membership@eliterenetwork.com for more information.

“ERN is an amazing group of high level Brokers and Agents. They are committed to sharing new business opportunities and referrals. Biggest benefit is our Semi Annual Masterminds, monthly calls and client visits.”
— Gina Bocage