What Our Members Say

I have the pleasure and honor of being associated with some of the best
agents in the industry. Iron sharpens iron, and I have learned and grown
from my affiliation with this group.

I joined the ERN group in 2013 after meeting ERN members at an REO Expo
convention. Previously, I was always going to conventions by myself and
after I joined the group the convention experience was 100% better. I now
enjoy the power of the group’s connections and have been introduced to
countless business contacts as a direct result of my ERN membership. I
have made many friends within the group in addition to sharing what’s
working for our businesses and best practices.

ERN has helped me with invaluable relationships with both top
notch Realtors in the industry as well as bank owned asset
managers. Members are always willing to help grow each other’s

I am a founding member and past Board Member of ERN. There are so
many benefits in being a member. Rubbing shoulders with many of the
top agents in The United States. Never ending education. Business travel
with introduction to most of the US top Asset Disposition companies. Most
of all – having a first name alliance with fun and caring people that share
with you their best business practices to assist you in furthering your
business. ERN is not expensive – it is priceless in terms of the opportunities
that will come to you as a member and contributor.

When I joined ERN I was only working with six institutional clients and
within a very short period of for four months and through introductions
from other ERN members I was able to build this up to over 33 institutional
clients I was working with.

Back in 2008 I joined ERN and had 2 institutional clients at the time. Today
I have many relationships because of the top producers who share best
practices and mastermind together

ERN is an amazing group of Top Producers countrywide that are very
giving in sharing best business practices. Not only are the members so
giving but it is also a super fun group! I have learned a lot from each one
of them and as a a long term member this has been instrumental in my
success especially during shifting markets.

I have been able to double the number of servicing companies I use as the
result of ERN meetings, educational events and vendor visits and I have
found a larger number of referrals with out of area agents from getting to
know and meet other ERN members.

Being an ERN member has put me in contact with the best asset
managers in the business. Being able to socialize or meet them at their
place of work has helped me grow my business by 18.6%.

ERN is an amazing group of high level Broker’s and Agents. They are
committed to sharing new business opportunities and referrals. Biggest
benefit is our Semi Annual Masterminds, monthly calls and client visits.