Joe Bettag

Our real estate brokerage, Coastal Properties was established in 1991 with Joe Bettag becoming
the Broker/Owner in 2010. We are in Jupiter, Florida which is in the northern area of Palm
Beach County and is about eighty-five miles north of Miami. Our service area includes Palm
Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie County with residential and commercial brokerage experience
spanning close to four decades.

The Company culture emphasizes taking an active role in the local and state Realtor
Associations with the former Broker/Owner, Pat Fitzgerald being a past President of the Florida
Association of Realtors and Joe Bettag taking leadership role on the Board of Directors for the
JTHS-Miami Association from 2019 to 2022 and selected as Broker of the Year for the JTHS-
Miami Association in 2021. The JTHS-Miami Association is the largest Realtor Association in the
U.S. with over 55,000 members. We are also members of the Broward, Palm Beaches &  St.
Lucie Realtors Association, and the Flex MLS system.

Joe Bettag has deep experience in REO management and sales starting during the S&L Crisis
along with five years as a REO Sales Manager for Ocwen. During the Mortgage Crisis starting in
2007, our office was managing and selling close to 200 REO files per year at the peak with a
large staff in place. We have a dedicated REO staff in place for accounting, inspections, BPO’s,
and property preservation and can scale up to meet any volume requirements. Our sales agents
can manage larger volumes of buyer inquiries, showings, offers, and contracts/closings. We are
experienced in completing short sales and do not outsource this process to any third parties.

Joe also has experience in large commercial brokerage and developments as well as private
equity in acquiring, managing, and disposing of NPL’s (Non-performing Loans), performing
loans, and REO’s. One of his partners has authored a best-selling book on Amazon describing
our unique model used for loss mitigation.

Joe is currently assisting in building out a national title insurance/broker network for ForumPay
a leading crypto exchange company that can convert any type of cryptocurrency into US fiat
dollars that is required by the national title underwriters for any buyer to be provided title
insurance. He collaborates closely with the Florida Blockchain Business Association and has
been an early investor in blockchain technology.

Current and Past REO Clients
 – Fannie Mae
 – Wells Fargo
 – Resicap

 – PennyMac
 – Benjamin Capital Group
 – American Destiny
 – Skyhill REO
 – AssetLink
 – Atlas REO
 – Iberia Bank
 – Nationwide REO Brokers
 – Radian

REO Platforms
 – Equator
 –  ResNet
 – Exceleras
 –  HUD
 – Pyramid