Prospective Members

If you embrace professionalism, value integrity, are seeking business growth opportunities and have a reputation for putting your clients first – you’ve come to the right place! The Elite Real Estate Network is home to a tight knit group of real estate brokers and agents who are dedicated to helping one another provide exceptional service to their clients. Our member benefits include tools and resources to help you succeed.

“When I joined ERN I was only working with six institutional clients and within a very short period of four months and through introductions from other ERN members I was able to build this up to over 33 institutional clients I was working with.”
— Rick Brenkus

Expand Your Market Potential Through Membership in ERN

Being an ERN member means you are the #1 pick for asset managers using our roster to find a broker or agent to manage and dispose of real estate assets. In addition to all of the other member benefits, each member has exclusive right to their territory. If you’re ready to take the lead and represent ERN in your market, we are currently looking for broker and agent members who embody ERN’s core values.

More Benefits

Monthly Mastermind Calls

Our members meet monthly with a specific topic agenda geared toward helping them grow their business. Because we’re a small, exclusive group we create a trusting environment to share ideas and solutions and highly encourage everyone to do so. Who knows? Your idea might save another member’s business or you might get that one idea which adds another $100,000 in revenue to yours.

Business Growth

Our network is just as strong as our relationships. Our members are part of ERN because they are respected, knowledgeable and have a reputation for building strong professional relationships with their clients. Our roster of agents are actively working with asset managers with inventories of all sizes which include some of the most well known institutions in the public, private and nonprofit sectors of the economy. Because of each member’s commitment to exceptional performance records and ERN’s commitment to maintaining a group of top tier professionals, many have expanded their relationships to include other ERN members.

Client Interfacing Meetings

There’s no denying that ERN’s members are the cream of the crop and asset managers know this. That’s why we are able to provide our members with opportunities to discuss hot industry topics with some of our members’ existing clients during monthly calls or live events.

If you would like to learn more about ERN and a possible exclusive membership opportunity for you city/market, apply today or contact Milt Shaw at for more information.